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Aaron T. Lee

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I am a theoretical and computational astrophysicist in the physics and astronomy department at the University of Texas Austin. Previously I was a graduate student, NSF graduate fellow, and UCB dissertation fellow at the University of California Berkeley. Prior to graduate school, I completed Part III of the Mathematics Tripos at Cambridge University and was an undergraduate at Northwestern University. 

My research centers on understanding the formation of stars in our Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies. I approach these problems using a mixture of analytical and numerical techniques. 

Additionally, I enjoy thinking about college level pedagogy, the instruction of introductory STEM courses, the professional development of higher education faculty, and general science communication. More about me can be found using the links below, or by contacting me directly. 






Department of Astronomy
University of Texas Austin
2515 Speedway, Stop C1400
Austin, TX 78712-1205

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aaron.t.lee AT utexas DOT edu

Topics of Interest


I research the formation of stars in both contemporary environments (like the Milky Way) and primordial environments (~half a billion years after the Big Bang). Here you can find summaries and links to some of that research.

Teaching in higher-ED

In my classrooms, I am dedicated toward fostering a safe learning environment where students can challenge their own beliefs and develop a strong understanding of their own learning. Some of my course materials can be found here.

Teaching in Professional Development 

The practice of teaching in higher education is a scholarly and laudable skill-set that is worth developing along with your field's research methodologies. However, pedagogy and faculty development is often ignored or deemed non-important in higher education. Some of my course and seminar materials in faculty and professional development can be found here.  


Public Education & Outreach

Demystifying science is in itself a creative practice. It requires finesse, critical thinking, storytelling, and in many ways, empathy. At the end of the day, conveying science and its worth is profoundly personal. Find out more about my past and current public education and outreach efforts here. 


Have a science or astronomy question? Want to contact me to make an interview or event request? Have a question about something you found on this site? Feel free to reach out using the form on my contact info. 


Astronomy is useful because it raises us above ourselves; it is useful because it is grand.
— Henri Poincaré


Let's Talk Science.

I can be contacted using my professional university email above (preferred) or through the CONTACT page. If you have a general question about astronomy, please use this form to relay your question with as much detail as possible. To help me best understand you and your question, I recommend that you also provide your best-attempt solution to your own question.